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How the Trade-in Process Works

Get an appraisal and receive the best value to apply to your new purchase when you trade-in your RV.


Trade In An RV

Your current RV could help pay for your next rig. During the checkout process for your new RV, select the option to trade in your RV. Next, provide some information about your RV and its current condition, and we'll offer a real trade-in offer pending inspection.


Tell Us About Your RV

Our simple online trade-in process begins with collecting some information about your RV. Tell us about your RV and its condition by answering a series of questions, and we provide a real appraisal pending approval. Still owe on your loan or lease? No problem. We take that information into account for your final trade-in offer.


Apply to Your Purchase

Bring your RV into a dealership to complete the appraisal process. We inspect your RV and make an offer. Once confirmed, we apply the value of your old RV to your new rig, and you never have to worry about the selling process.

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